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charlie lola render 4.jpg
charlie and lola's "moonsquirters and green drops"

We're very proud to have been involved in the creative development and design for "Charlie and Lola's Moonsquirters and Greendrops" playhouse at Alton Towers Resort. 


This was a very complex attraction to create - multiple zones and ideas had to fit together in a very small space, to bring the world of Charlie and Lola to life.

We created solutions to enable:

- State of the Art Dress up for both Charlie, Lola, and Sizzles the dog

- Interactive kitchen area, with opening doors and things to hunt for

- Secret crawl-thru tunnel leading to a cave under a mountain

- Themed flooring to tie in with the stories being told throughout

- Wall graphics including phrases and wisdom from the characters

- Reactrix floor projection of swimming fishfingers

- Mobiles of planets and clouds to utilise the ceiling spaces

- Themed ball pool that rained green balls into a netted pool area

- A Mountain to climb up and down

And rubber crumb flooring in any areas that required it for safety.

A world first - we brought Charlie and Lola to life within Alton Towers Resort, for children to experience first hand, away from the limitations of the TV screen!

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