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sid's arctic tours -
an ice age adventure

Take a look at how we overlaid the 20th Century Fox "Ice Age" IP and characters onto a large indoor water ride, to create a brand new adventure at the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol resort, in Indonesia.

We started with a scale model of the ride building, and then themed each element and zone of the ride to the story, including ice caves, a jungle, a volcano, and some fabulously large animatronic versions of the main characters, plus some extra dinosaurs along the way!

The scale model was incredibly useful to all involved in the themeing design of the spaces, and was shipped to the site in Indonesia for reference. As you can see, the finished attraction  is a very faithful replica of our designs!

full ride pov

Thanks to Theme Park Journey for the on-ride POV footage below - the main ride begins after the pre-show at the 03:00 minute mark!

If we can help you bring your characters to life in a ride or themed attraction, get in touch to discuss your requirements - we'd be very happy to hear from you.

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