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Furchester Hotel exterior concept and notes.jpg

furchester hotel - live!

A live mini show, themed around a visit to the Furchester Hotel, who are awaiting the arrival of rock star, Chick Swagger!


Working closely with BBC Worldwide and the Alton Towers Team, we developed:

- Showbuilding exterior to suit the new IP, incorporating details established on screen and plenty of dry parking for buggies

- Interior set based on the set for the series, but with significant modification to turn this into a repeatable live experience


- Showspace with allowance for a hidden puppet pit behind the desk, sunk into the foundations of the building, and backstage puppet storage areas

- Hi-res screens to incorporate Cookie Monster and Elmo, who could not appear live

- Audience participation throughout the performance

- Lighting and a mini set change that transforms the space into a disco for the end of the show


Click below to see the finished attraction, Video copyright Alton Towers

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