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hey duggee's big adventure badge

In early 2021, we were involved in the creative development and design for "Hey Duggee's Adventure Badge". Part play and entertainment area, it's a flexible overlay on a pre-existing play area.


Working closely with the Alton Towers Team, we creatively developed:

- Ideas for Storyline and Guest experience within the area,

- Masterplanning how our ideas would work on the ground,

- 5 x Themed Signature attractions one for each of the main characters,  

- Entrance/Exit portals for the new attraction,

- Character Meet "n" Greet area, to facilitate meetings (and selfies!) with Duggee himself!

This was a great opportunity to bring the famous characters into the real world, and represent them in a way that they could be climbed on and played with, for all ages and abilities!


Click below to see the finished attraction, plus two other attractions we also helped to

develop for 2022 - JoJo and Gran Gran at Home, and Andy's Adventures - Dinosaur Dig

Video copyright Alton Towers/Merlin Magic Making

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