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Our skill and expertise is in creating entertaining and memorable experiences for all kinds of Visitor Attractions, Themeparks, Retail Spaces - anywhere that people visit needs design to ensure the best experience for them.


We dream up ideas, show our Clients what they will look like, and help to make them a reality.




From the very start of the project, we know how to make things happen. From the ground upwards, we can help you get your project on it's legs - let us show you how.

Our creative and technical design role is to envisage all the elements of your project working together to create a stunning experience for your guests, long before anything is actually built.


When Alton Towers wanted Elmo in a live show, we helped them translate “The Furchester Hotel” into a live show experience, including effects to make the characters seem as real in-the-fur as they appear in the TV show. We helped bring the magic of the Brand to a live experience – it’s a visit Furchester Hotel, not a normal stage show in a standard looking theatre.


Through creative concepts and design we created the experience of being in the Furchester Hotel, and through story brought it to life for the audience.


The audience are actually involved in the story. Guests see the show-building themed to the exterior of the hotel from the show, step through the doors they’re familiar with and help the characters prepare for the imminent arrival of rock-star Chick Swagger.

Our creative and technical role is to envisage all the elements working together to create that illusion, long before anything is actually built, and that it can be achieved over and over again for many, many shows!

the secret connection

We really CARE about what we do, and love the work that we produce, always trying to exceed all expectations in what can be achieved.

The magic of a great shop window display at Christmas, a fun-filled ride at an amusement park, or an illusion in a play that drives the story forward – they’re all connected by an emotional involvement and experience by the Guest which turn them into a great memory.

But if the Guest doesn’t care about what they’re seeing or doing, they’re likely to forget about it very quickly.

So, this is the crux of everything we do – we find ways to ensure Guests emotionally connect to the experience they’re having using our magical techniques and compelling designs. They'll love it, and they'll want to come back again, and again...


Making people happy is a great thing, and seeing the reactions of people around the things that we’ve designed is priceless too. And our Clients know that happy customers are likely to spend more with them, which makes the Client happy as well!


The fact that we’re helping to create great memories, and work with great Brands along the way is a fabulous bonus, as we continue to work behind the scenes, to make the best projects that we can, and that's why we design ideas YOUR customers will love!

about andy

creative director of andy white creative ltd

Hello! I’ve always had a fascination with the Theatre - the magic of being backstage, on-set or behind the scenes and just plain needing to know how all of those incredible things worked.

And quite early on it dawned on me, that designing and creating these incredible things must be someone’s job, so why not mine?!

I've spent a lifetime absorbing as much as I could from both observation and working with experts in their field on all manner of creative projects.


And through my work in Films, TV and Advertising, I began to see how these "Magical" techniques could be achieved away from the Theatre, TV or Movie sets, and could be used wherever I needed them in "real life" to entertain people anywhere, and in any way that I wanted.

Now all of my techniques and experience are the foundations of the work that we call "Themed Entertainment Design", which help us to turn our ideas and dreams into repeatable visitor experiences, entertaining people all over the World.

Making people happy is a great thing - and that’s what I pride myself on creating.

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