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Since 2002 we've been responsible for the creative development and design of more than 250 successful themed - entertainment projects, for clients all around the globe.

Whatever you're trying to achieve, we can almost certainly help!

we design ideas

that visitors love!

Our skill and expertise is in creating entertaining and memorable experiences for all kinds of Visitor Attractions, Themeparks, Retail Spaces, Museums - anywhere that people visit needs our kind of design skill to ensure the best experience possible for them.

We dream up ideas, show our Clients what they'll look like, and help to make them a reality.


From the very start of the project, we know how to make things happen. From the ground upwards, we can help you get your project on it's legs - let us show you how!

Our creative and technical design role is to envisage all the elements of your project working together to create a stunning experience for your guests, long before anything is actually built.

about andy 

Andy White is a respected professional in the world of themed entertainment and attraction design.


He is a highly motivated Creative Lead, and his work has been seen and enjoyed by millions of visitors in attractions and resorts around the world.


His objectives are to create the most entertaining and engaging solutions possible for the visitor, and to help realise the project to completion - often within very tight budgets and deadlines.


His early career includes work in Film, TV, Theatre, 3D design and Special FX, and the fusion of those experiences and techniques now help him turn his ideas into repeatable visitor-experiences.


Andy would love to hear from you, to discuss YOUR project, so get in touch!